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The scholarship is available to all Catholic 8th grade students within reasonable commute distance to Delone.  The application is available here and through the area parishes.   Family financial status is not requested or considered in the application evaluation process.  This award is based strictly on what the applicant has achieved academically, and of highest value, what they have demonstrated in community outreach  at this early age.  We believe those attributes will continue through their high school career as positive peer pressure.

Scholarship Application Process:

  • Do good things
  • Obtain a scholarship application
  • Provide the data and secure references
  • Submit by due date
  • The Scholarship Committee reviews the applications to select the 5 finalists
  • The 5 finalists are interviewed ( 1 day only) by the Selection Committee
  • A winner and alternate are selected.

Student Application Packet

Student Recommendation Form

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